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Stairway to Recovery Action for Addicts Benefit Event
January 05, 2024
Doors: | Show: 20:00 pm
Tickets: $25.00 Buy Tickets
All Ages
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Stairway to Recovery, we thank you for your consideration to support persons in recovery to re-build, heal, and thrive. Substance abuse and mental illness are common struggles in our community impacting not only the lives of the individual who is struggling but also their families and other loved ones. When people are ready and willing to start anew and turn their lives around it can be difficult to find help as resources are limited and are often challenging to navigate. Through our own life experiences with similar challenges, we have created a non-profit organization, Stairway to Recovery, to help those affected by substance abuse and mental illness to be successful in maintaining their recovery, mental
health and life.

After leaving treatment and psychiatric facilities, people often struggle with what to do next. Our goal is to help people transition back to daily life and establish a new sense of normalcy. With support from community members like you, we will provide financial assistance for requisites of stability such as housing, food, clothes, transportation, and other necessities as well as continued outpatient services which include substance abuse education, parenting education, groups focused on living with co-occurring conditions, mental health services, case management, employment services and other services needed by the individual to be successful.
We provide these services and assistance through partnerships with community agencies working together as a team to best help each individual served. An integral part of our mission is to help parents learn tools that they can use for a lifetime so they may be successful in their recovery and not have their families torn apart
once again by the devastating effects of substance abuse and mental illness. Stairway to Recovery provides the support that is pivotal in recovery, especially in the beginning of one’s recovery journey. When you have a safe place to lie your head at night, food and necessities you can truly focus on recovery and rebuilding your life.
Stairway to Recovery provides a supportive community that gives the financial assistance, connection to services, guidance and encouragement that makes all the difference in being successful in maintaining recovery and healing from mental illness. Your willingness to help members of our community and their
families who have been affected by substance abuse and mental health challenges to be successful in their recovery and life is greatly appreciated.


Kyle Smith


Stronger Then Machines




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