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UNDEROATH reinvents the balance between chaos and harmony with each successive release. Their compositions,
conjured from creative tension, become iconoclastic anthems. Even when the band almost combusts, the crackling
energy coalesces into something deeply resonant for millions.
Each time they have a chance to do something safe, Underoath challenges themselves instead, with integrity and
attitude. Their pair of gold albums and three Grammy nominations stand in stark defiance of the idea of commercial
compromise. The Underoath catalog weaponizes noise, aggression, and ambiance as skillfully as melody. The
combination of heaviness and headiness found on Define the Great Line makes it the only record of its kind to debut
at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.
The passion and power are as undeniable on tours with Alice In Chains or Bring Me The Horizon as they are in the
sweatiest of intimate shows or their genre-redefining runs on Vans Warped Tour.
Erase Me (2018) reintroduced Underoath to the world with straightforward riffs and melodies. It’s an almost uplifting
album, though not devoid of the confessional desperation powering their songs. The band described Voyeurist (2022)
as “high-def violence.” Placing it among the Top 25 Albums of 2022, alongside records from Slipknot, Ghost, and
Meshuggah, Revolver called it “brilliantly unhinged.”
The heart of their sound, which delivers naked vulnerability with thrilling force and cinematic lushness, can be heard
in generations of bands who’ve pursued their trail. But Underoath refuses to sit still. A provocative and inspiring
musical missive, “LET GO” ushers in a new era for the band.
Walking an artistic tightrope between immersive access and isolationist otherness, Underoath owns the space
between huge choruses and forward-thinking heaviness, both on record and onstage.

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Monday, Oct 21
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