Groundation Bob Marley Tribute Tour

Ventura Theater Presents

Groundation Bob Marley Tribute Tour

MisterE, Dub Seeds

Sun, February 12, 2012

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$18.00 - $20.00

This event is all ages

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Groundation Bob Marley Tribute Tour
Groundation Bob Marley Tribute Tour
Bob Marley Tribute Tour

--- February 2012 ---

There are few today who are not familiar with the ubiquitous music of Robert Nesta Marley.
So who better to help celebrate and share his revolutionary work with new generations of fans than the biggest, most respected American Reggae band touring the world today? And with all that is happening in these times–from the uprisings in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, on over to the Occupy Protest Movements dotting the map across numerous cities here at home––what better time than now...

In just the last few years, Groundation's following and influence has begun to spread significantly, now reaching
to all corners of the globe. Truly leading a movement of music, centered on the tenets of social justice and equality for all that are the hallmarks of Roots Reggae, the band in the last 12 months alone have played to tens of thousands of fans everywhere from Auckland, New Zealand to Casablanca, Morocco;from Athens, Greece to New York City, and all points in between.

It is no wonder then that Groundation's singular blend of Improvisation-based Jazz/Fusion, live transcendental Dub and thunderous one-drop Reggae has become the soundtrack of a generation of people across the world who are committed to living their lives in a better way––a more conscious and balanced lifestyle, with music as the chosen weapon of social change.

In 2011, Groundation took their annual Bob Marley Tribute Tour to Europe for the first time, where their
unique take on the King of Reggae's timeless songs was received with overwhelmingly positive reviews. To
put it simply––no one plays Reggae music the way Groundation plays Reggae music and the same can be
said for their singular take on Marley's distinctive melodies.

To be sure, this is not mere mimicry built for frat-boy-style sing-alongs. Groundation plumbs the depths of Marley's deep, under-utilized catalog to presenta collection of songs and an overall concert experience that will challenge and enthral everyone from the most hardened Reggae aficionado to the first-time initiate. Once again, the realities described in such Marley songs
as "Burnin' & Lootin,'" "Guiltiness," "Rat Race" and "Ambush in the Night" are splashed across front pages everywhere.
You've heard Bob Marley before, but never like this. This show is simply not to be missed.
Dub Seeds
Dub Seeds
The roots of the Dub Seeds sound begin in a place that most people wouldn't expect. Bakersfield, California is known for it's contributions to the world of music by way of country music legend, Buck Owens, as well as the metal/hip-hop group, Korn. But the deep, rhythmic bass lines, and reggae accents heard in Dub Seeds' music make you feel more like you are dancing at a late-night beach party, rather than at your favorite bar.

In 2004, Chris started the band after moving back to California from Las Vegas. They called themselves SEED and quickly began to gain ground on the local scene. The group's vibe gravitated to a reggae-punk feel with blues, and even grunge influences mixed in. Eventually, the band began carving out their niche in that California-reggae dub style: soulful, raw, and groovy!

After several shows, and a few member changes, the band decided to officially change their name to DUB SEEDS in late 2008, and have been on a roll ever since! With the final pieces in place, and a dedication to the music, Dub Seeds have been an unstoppable force in the dub-rock scene.

Dub Seeds' sound has carried the band all over the California/Nevada area to colleges, clubs, bars, casinos and festivals as well. They have shared stages with genre notables Pepper, Eek A Mouse, Fishbone, Bargain Music, Voodoo Glowskulls, Pato Banton, Easy Star All Stars, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Bert Susanka of The Ziggens, The B Foundation, Mike Pinto, and most of them more than once!

In February of 2010 the group released their first full length album, "Feelin It" under their own label, DS Records. The response has been overwhelming to say the least! People are already singing along to new album favorites, 'Inside Out', as well as the title track, 'Feelin It' at local shows. Their CD release party opened up with the very special guest, Josh Fischel, lead singer of Bargain Music, as Fishlips Bar & Grill hosted a packed house ready to get their hands on the new Dub Seeds cd.

With the juiciest bass lines on the West Coast, Sleazy-G will have your chest bumpin' AND grindin', while Gizmo slams down the beats with fury. Chris-Dogg hits you with the lyrical madness while he strums, chucks, and dishes out some rasta love. This power trio always brings the pain on stage and leaves a mess of people singing and dancing in their wake. Expect to hear a lot of original music at a Dub Seeds show. And if you're lucky enough to catch one of their 3-4 hour sets (which happens a lot!), you can expect to hear their rastified version of many of your favorite radio hits, too.

A quick glance at their calendar and you can see that there is no slowing this band down. From the Hard Rock Restaurant in Vegas, to the infamous Downtown Brew in SLO, this band is on the move and they are doing nothing but making fans along the way. With the crowds and fans begging for more, why stop?
Venue Information:
Ventura Theater
26 S. Chestnut St.
Ventura, CA, 93001