Frost and Fire IV - NIGHT 2 featuring Midnight

Frost and Fire IV - NIGHT 2 featuring Midnight

Warbringer, Night Demon, Destructor, Cloven Hoof, Thrust, Vandallus

Fri, October 5, 2018

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 5:00 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)


This event is all ages

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A speed/thrash/black/heavy metal band formed in 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio.

While a number of members have played in the band for live performances, all recorded music is written and performed exclusively by Athenar.
Thrash metal band from Newbury Park, California, USA formed in 2004.

Current Lineup:
John Kevill: Vocals
Adam Carroll: Guitars
Carlos Cruz: Drums
Jessie Sanchez: Bass
Chase Becker: Guitars

Former members:
Ben Bennet: Bass
Ben Mottsman: Bass
Ryan Bates: Drums
Nic Ritter: Drums
Andy Laux: Bass
John Laux: Guitar
Jeff Potts: Guitar
Alex Malmquist: Bass
Noah Young: Guitar
Night Demon
Night Demon
From out of the darkness comes a new EP to sear your soul, "Night Demon" , by the band Night Demon hailing from Ventura, California. A self-titled debut from a terrific 3-piece that will remind you of everything great about Heavy Metal in the early 80s.

Night Demon encompasses the best about that era, but they bring the genre into the modern day with ease. Although they've been compared to NWOBHM acts like Angel Witch, Saxon, Diamondhead, and Samson, as well as some American ones like Riot, they have composed material that sounds fresh in today's world. They breathe new life into the genre with just four fun cuts:

1. Night Demon
2. The Chalice
3. Ancient Evil
4. Ritual

"Night Demon" is a classic, fist-pumping rock anthem right from the start, extolling the virtues of being Night Demon in verse. With the power of Metal your town is doomed by Night Demon!! Or at least your beer supply. Driving bass lines reminiscent of old Iron Maiden accompany vocals remindful of Guy Speranza of Riot. This first tune lets you know what the rest of the album will be like. They don't stray far from the formula of the era but they exercise everything that was good about it. Without missing a beat, everything that was awesome about the time is brought to new life.

Night Demon Official Video:

"The Chalice" rings true of some of the best of that power-driven metal that combines into a single, catchy, sing-along song, like every song on this album, really. Lyrically, it is one of those songs that just epitomizes what this style of music is supposed to bring. Sealing the selling of one's soul over a drink with the Devil is just another day for some. With deep bass lines, catchy guitar hooks, and an eerie vocal approach, it is perhaps the best executed song on the album.

"Ancient Evil". Now any song about Cthulu better be well done or you're toast. Good for these guys that they did it right!! Storytelling at its best drawing from H.P. Lovecraft's works, it is a fast-paced barn burner that chugs along like a freight train from opening to end. Steeped in classic metal, this cut depends heavily on the vocal performance being delivered properly while eliciting excitement from the listener. Mission is accomplished on this tune, with a delivery that shows the ability and range of Jarvis Leatherby's vocals.

"Ritual" closes out the album with a classic double-time thrash piece. Kicking right off with pressing guitar riffs and thunderous drums, this song rips right into you from the start. As the EP started so it ends, reminding everyone that the "Ritual" involves Night Demon, circles of fans, and drinking to be sure. No town will be spared the devastation of a rampaging Rock Band. No magic will protect you from the Night Demon...

Embodying everything that was fun and great of a past era, this band is definitely keeping it old school. They deliver with every song, and show no signs of slowing. Already they have played all over Europe in many festivals including Germany's Keep It True Festival 2014. The KIT is legendary for delivering metal to the masses year in and year out at sold out shows. This band isn't out to change any musical landscapes. They are simply recreating music from a time when great music was plentiful and drawing from its best examples. Whether it's thunderous and driving rhythms or searing guitars and vocals, this EP delivers the best of the era. It ends far too soon, doesn't overstay, and leaves you wanting more in just under 15 minutes.

Consisting of Jarvis Leatherby on vocals/bass, Brent Woodward on guitar, and Dusty Squiers on drums, this is an amazing power trio with a ranged vocalist that allows the band to slide around so many of the great sounds of the times. We are destined to hear more of this band, so add their patch to your denim jacket and let the claws of the Night Demon pull you in...

Jarvis Leatherby
Brent Woodward
Dusty Squiers
American thrash metal band from Cleveland, Ohio.
Cloven Hoof
Cloven Hoof
Heavy Metal band from Wolverhampton, West Midlands (United Kingdom).
Cloven Hoof was part of the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement.

The band was active from 1979 to 1990, and again from around 2000 onwards.
The band were associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, alongside bands such as Motörhead, Iron Maiden,Diamond Head (2) and the likes. Enduring many line-up changes through their career, only founding bassist Lee Payne has existed as an ever-present member.



Cloven Hoof went through a few early line-up changes, including a brief spell with vocalist Steve Sammon, before settling on a steady line-up that would last their first few recordings. Theatrical from the beginning, the four band members took up pseudonyms after the four elements - David "Water" Potter, Steve "Fire" Rounds, Lee "Air" Payne and Kevin "Earth" Poutney. This line-up recorded the band's successful demo tape from 1982, along with The Opening Ritual EP, and Cloven Hoof.

Following the release of their self-titled debut, David Potter left the band to be replaced by Rob Kendrick, who took up the "Water" pseudonym. This line-up only managed to record the live album Fighting Back, before splitting up completely soon after the release of the album. Lee Payne was the only member left, and soldiered on through the years.


Lee Payne started the band again in 1988, hiring vocalist Russ North and guitarist Andy Wood from the split up band Tredegar along with drummer Jon Brown.

With a whole new set of musicians in place, the band dropped the stage names and went on to record two more albums - 1988's Dominator and 1989's A Sultan's Ransom. Former member of Sweet Andy Scott was brought to the band for the role of second guitarist soon after the release of these two albums, but contractual difficulties caused the band to split up in 1990.


In the summer of 2001, Lee Payne began putting a new line-up together for the next reincarnation of Cloven Hoof when Andy Wood had phoned him about the contractual difficulties that had utlimately caused the band to split up for a whole decade.

After a few years work and failure to entice back any previous Hoof members, Eye of the Sun was recorded and released in 2006 with the help of studio musicians Matt Moreton on vocals, Andy Shortland on guitars, and Lynch Radinsky on drums. According to Payne, it was the first Cloven Hoof album to have been produced without any obstacles that plagued them in the 1980s, but even though he was proud of the album's successful production, he still wanted Russ North to provide his own vocals for it instead of Moreton's.

Following the successful comeback release, the three hired musicians by Payne left once Russ North returned to the fold after finally taking care of the obstacles that prevented him from rejoining a few years earlier. A brief period of line-up fluctuation could be seen on the band's website over the following few months, with former member Jon Brown briefly listed as being back on board.

Eventually the line-up seemed to settle with Mick Powell, a guitarist almost hired by Cloven Hoof in the early '80s. In another unannounced change, Jon Brown rejoined.


A collection of re-recorded songs The Definitive Part One was released in early 2008, with a new album to be called Throne of Damnation scheduled for release in 2009. Mick Powell played guitar and keyboards on The Definitive Part One but had left the band by the time it was released. Cloven Hoof continued for a few months as a four-piece again before Powell briefly rejoined in April 2008 and was eventually replaced by Christian Horton.


* Russ North - Vocals
* Ben Read - Guitar
* Christian Horton - Guitar
* Lee Payne - Bass
* Jon Brown - Drums

Former Members


* David Potter (1982-1986)
* Rob Kendrick (1986)


* Steve Rounds (1982-1986)
* Andy Wood (1988-1990, 2004)
* Mick Powell (also keyboards)


* Kevin Pountney (1982-1986)

Guest Musicians

* Matt Moreton - Sang for the band's 2006 comeback album Eye of The Sun.
* Andy Shortland - Played guitar for the band's 2006 comeback album Eye of The Sun.
* Lynch Radinsky - Played drums for the band's 2006 comeback album Eye of The Sun.
Founded in 1981 in Chicago, IL. Thrust started the metal scene by opening for such acts as Motorhead, Michael Schenker, and Twisted Sister.
After gathering a quick and large following, THRUST began headlining and was signed to ERECT RECORDS releasing the classic “LIVE EP- ”ROCK FOR POLAND” in front of 10,000 metal maniacs.
Thrust was then signed to METAL BLADE RECORDS and recorded “DESTUCTER” on the classic ”METAL MASSACRE 4? album and soon was opening for JUDAS PRIEST on the Screaming for Vengeance tour.
THRUST then released their debut album with Metal Blade Records called “FIST HELD HIGH” which became a cult classic.
In celebration of THRUST’s 35th anniversary, Metal Blade Records released the ultimate edition of the band’s classical 1984 album “Fist Held High”... Including the entire album, with live and demo tracks from the beginning until the late 80’s, plus the UNRELEASED studio album, “REINCARNATION” produced and Engineered by Pat Regan and Bob Kulick!
THRUST recently played the 2016 Keep It True Festival in Germany to a sold out crowd with an overwhelming welcome followed by another sold out night at Frost and Fire Festival in Ventura CA, NYDM Milwaukee Spring Bash and Up The Hammers Festival in Athens, Greece and quite a few local shows in Los Angeles with new vocalist Eric Claro. Many other offers coming in for the rest of 2018 and into 2019!
The release of the new Album “Harvest Of Souls” Pure Steel Records 2018
THRUST is primed and ready to bring their "In your face", arena ready show, to a new generation of rockers around the world!
Thrust is compiled of an amazing group of musicians that have tour & stage experience between the 5 of them, totaling well over 100 years!
Eric Claro - Vocals
Ronnie Cooke - Guitar
Ray Gervais - Bass
Angel Rodriguez - Guitar
Joe Rezendes - Drums
Venue Information:
Ventura Theater
26 S. Chestnut St.
Ventura, CA, 93001