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Ventura Halos and AAA Productions Presents

CANCELLED-Country Live in Ventura-CANCELLED

The Walking Phoenixes

Sat, July 29, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)

$25.00 - $45.00

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This event is all ages

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Annie Bosko
Annie Bosko
Two voices — one given, one earned. Singer, songwriter and performer Annie Bosko has married the two, recognizing what so many others fail to see — that a powerful and beautiful vocal instrument is, in isolation, incapable of taking her where she has every intention of going.
Opportunity certainly knocks for talent like hers, as opening or backing vocal slots with Darius Rucker, Adele, Josh Groban, Dierks Bentley, Big & Rich, Josh Turner and more confirm. She has performed the national anthem at the NBA All-Star game, recorded for one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, sang demos for some of the biggest hits on the radio and even did a turn on television's top singing competition. All of those accomplishments fall short, however, for a true music maker with the loftiest ambitions.
As she readies the release of her first EP, her artistry and vision have crystallized in songs including "Crooked Halo" and "Fighter." Themes of strength, empowerment, vulnerability and self-determination run throughout. And they're understandable, given her past, as well as her deep-rooted need to create and perform.
Annie's father is a third-generation farmer and she's the middle of five children, but it was not the classic story of the musical family." It was like, 'Oh my God, we have this freak singing child. What do we do with it?' They were scared getting into entertainment too early would mess me up."
Her first taste of the business was singing for a Disney soundtrack at the age of 14, but an affinity for songwriting pulled her toward Nashville. "I'd read the liner notes on albums I loved by Deana Carter, Trisha Yearwood, Brooks & Dunn, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, whoever. They were all in Nashville, so I knew I had to get there at some point."
Moving cross-country, Annie sang demos and tried to work into writing appointments.
"I've always run against the grain," she continues. "So I realized I have to get to the public. The artist is the captain of the ship, and taking that wheel was hard. But everything from music to pictures to the band is a representation of me, and so my fingerprints have to be on all of it."
And so it is with her new music, led by the stomping, feisty single "Crooked Halo," which she wrote with Danny Myrick (Jason Aldean's "She's Country", Craig Morgan's "International Harvester") and Danelle Leverett (Big & Rich's "That's Why I Pray," Kelly Clarkson's "The Sun Will Rise").
The ballad "Fighter" may be the song that best expresses her determination. "It's sort of a ministry to people, because everyone is fighting in their own way," she says. "The idea was to really let this song be a banner that we can all carry in those times when we need it most."
Shannon Rae
Shannon Rae
A California girl with a country heart, Shannon Rae lights up a stage. Whether displaying strength or vulnerability, she passionately taps into the power and emotion of her songs with a clear command of her voice and presence.

As a singer-entertainer for most of her life, she is a former Miss Long Beach, three time Miss Hot Rod Magazine, and an accomplished nationally recognized model. Modeling was the money maker, but music was always her calling when Demimonde, the pop act brainchild of Shuki Levy (Saban Entertainment) came to life and recruited Shannon to join the group. From there, she recorded with the three girl country bar band Sweet Water Junction, and then met renowned producer and musician Marty Rifkin (Bruce Springsteen, Glen Cambell, Leanne Rhimes) who co-wrote some of her earliest songs.

In the past few years Shannon has been collaborating with songwriter, producer, and band mate Dave Polich, while touring throughout the southwest in a very successful tribute band. Together, they have co-written an impressive catalog of Country Rock-Americana songs.

With original style and direction, Shannon's brand of country music influenced by such icons as Linda Ronstadt, Trisha Yearwood, Sheryl Crow, Wynonna, and Reba McEntire gained the attention of Michael Vail Blum from Los Angeles based record company Music Master Exchange, who signed Shannon to a recording contract saying, “Shannon has a unique, stand out tone that really delivers on this fantastic collection of Americana tunes”.

The release of Shannon Rae, takes her career to the next level as a seasoned singer and performer at the peak of her talents. The 14 cuts on the album are an eclectic mix of up-tempo, mid-tempo and ballads, inspired by life, love, heartbreak and fun.
The Walking Phoenixes
The Walking Phoenixes
When the Walking Phoenixes take the stage in their signature “all black” three piece suits, you can’t help but wonder if these young men have what it takes to be a tribute to the “Man In Black.” It is more than just a band or a likeness of Johnny Cash. It’s an experience.

The Walking Phoenixes give these classic songs a re-birth, a modern and sometimes hot-rodded sound created out of their liking and love for Johnny Cash. They don’t sound like any particular band. They do have all kinds of influences, but that just brings a very colorful and layered sound to what they do with the Johnny Cash songs. Some songs are sped up, and some are even slowed down. It depends on the content, style, and story of the song. There are different band members, with different perspectives. Each has a very different palette of paint to work from. You add all that together, and you get their sound with the Johnny Cash overtone essence and presence.

They strive to be like “a flower of light in a field of darkness.” These are the lyrics in the song “Greystone Chapel,” written by Glen Sherley (an inmate at Folsom Prison). Johnny Cash had performed this song at Folsom Prison while Sherley was still there. Whether they are headlining a summer concert series for over 10,000 people, or performing for one special person, they strive to inspire and uplift any environment, touch people’s hearts and make them smile. The Walking Phoenixes have played at benefit concerts for all different types of awareness. From mesothelioma motorcycle runs, job awareness for the U.S. veterans, life care centers for the aging, to even a prison. They are in fact a flower of light in a field of darkness.
Venue Information:
Ventura Theater
26 S. Chestnut St.
Ventura, CA, 93001