Ventura County Toy Con #4
Daniels Toy Empire Presents

Ventura County Toy Con #4

$6.00 - $10.00
All Ages
Ventura County Toy Con #4 bringing you amazing artist and vendors with toys, comics, hand made items and more.

VENDORS INCLUDE: Daniels Toy Empire, Rebellious Reina, Endgame Comics & Collectables, Collectobois, Salia's Pops' , Gasha-Nook, BoBs Big Toys and more.


Michael Swanigan


What are we?

  Ventura County Toy Con is an event being brought to you by Daniels Toy Empire in association with the Majestic Ventura Theater.

Who are we?

Daniel has been an avid toy collector for 20+ years and has been attending cons for 12+ years as well as selling at them for 5. He has been to very small cons to the mother of all cons all throughout So Cal. Cons are his idea of a fun time and it's what he loves to do for fun.

Why we are doing this?

It's been a while since our area has had an event like this and Daniel felt it was long over due so he decided to reach out to his friends at the Majestic Ventura Theater and see what it would take to be able to put on an event like this there so the local community can come out for the day and be able to geek out with the whole family at a very affordable price. 

What the event will include:

There are going to be amazing vendors and artist to purchase from that are both local and from the LA area.

After the great support of the first 3 events in 2018/2019  we are ready for VCTC #4.

We look forward to seeing you all at VCTC.

Venue Information:
Ventura Theater
26 S. Chestnut St.
Ventura, CA, 93001